We know that computers can be frustrating and confusing at the best of times so let us deal with the pain. Apple Mac, PCs, laptops, installations, networking – you name it and we can help you.

Using our extensive knowledge base and the very best quality components; we can provide the equipment, advice and support you need to achieve your goals.Whether that be a network to run your office, setting up your internet or just help getting your printer installed.

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Technical Support

If you are looking for computer help to quickly solve a nagging issue or show you how to do something that should be simple then this is for you. Quick, simple and affordable computer help when you need it.


If you are experiencing computer problems contact our tech guys for fast, professional and affordable computer repairs. Our PC Repair technicians offer a friendly and understandable computer repair service onsite at your home or office.

PC Health Check 

Every computer needs to be regularly serviced to keep it running at its best. Over time your hard drive loses its speed gathering more and more messy files, the PC case builds up dust increasing its temperature, maybe you have spyware adding to these problems. All this can reduce your computers efficiency meaning you don’t get the best performance.

Our annual checkup helps to keep your computer running in tip top condition.

Internet Coaching and Training

The internet coaching services we provide are aimed at teaching you the essentials of using the internet for marketing your business. It focuses on building your skills and confidence, providing you with all the guidance and help you need, breaking everything down into simple, easy to follow steps and ensuring the whole process is affordable and manageable.